First Aid

First Aid & You…

If you hold a scouting Role which includes a Wood Badge, then you MUST now gain a First Aid qualification within 3 years of starting the role. This includes Managers, Section Leaders and Assistant Section Leaders.

For most other Adult roles in scouting, First Aid training is optional, but highly recommended - after all you never know when you might need it, and who might need it - it could be you!

Once you have a First Aid certificate recorded on COMPASS, you MUST keep it up to date, which means renewing it every 3 years.

Types of First Aid Courses

If you are lucky enough to be given First Aid training in your job, this can usually be used to meet The Scouts requirements. This includes First Aid at Work, Emergency First Aid at Work, Paediatric First Aid, and many other variants.

Some occupations, e.g. Paramedics, include regular advanced first aid training at annual intervals and we can record these too.

The volunteer ambulance associations, like St John or Red Cross and many other providers offer courses - these typically cost £100+ per person for a one day course.

Within Scouting (and Girlguiding) we offer a one-day course “First Response” which full meets The Scouts requirements for most meetings in urban areas with good ambulance service cover. First Response covers the same syllabus as First Aid at Work, with the addition of extra relevant (to scouting) subjects such as Child CPR.

For more adventurous scouting activities, you need to attend a “full” First Aid Course of two days or more. This will equip you with the knowledge needed to help people when 999 assistance is likely to take longer to arrive.

The First Response Course

The current COVID-19 pandemic has forced The Scouts to introduce slightly different arrangements for delivering First Aid training for 2020/2021.

The training is now in two parts:

  • Module 10A (Theory)
  • Module 10B (Practical)

Module 10A (Theory)

The theory part is delivered on-line, to minimise contact between participants. There are several different ways to complete this (see below), each takes about 6 hours overall.

Module 10B (Practical)

The practical session is shorter and will be made available once Scouting returns to ‘face-to-face’ activities under “Amber’ or ‘Green’ status later in 2021.

First Aid cover at your Meetings

Whenever you meet ‘face-to-face’ you MUST have at least one person present who has a current First Aid qualification. For practical purposes, if your qualification has run out and you’ve been unable to renew it, the absolute minimum is that at least one person has completed Module 10A (Theory) and been signed off on COMPASS.

Ideally, most people will have some form of First Aid knowledge to ‘share the load’ and so now’s probably a good time to encourage others to do the Modules and get ‘in date’.

Ways to complete Module 10A

  • Three Zoom Sessions + a practical assessment.
  • Two Zoom Sessions + a longer practical demo / assessment
  • One on-line Theory session + 1 Zoom session + a practical assessment

Please note that these are three separate ways of getting qualified, you can’t ‘mix and match’ them!

Three Zoom Sessions - delivered by various Essex Teams

To sign up for one of these, go to the Essexscouts ‘Bookwhen’ site and sign up for three sessions (between 2 and 2.5 hours each) there. Note that you need to sign up for Session 1, Session 2 and Session 3 all being delivered by the same Team.

Essex Scouts - Training Courses

Two Zoom Sessions - delivered by Essex NE team

To sign up for this, go to the Essexscouts ‘Bookwhen’ site and sign up for two sessions (each 2.75 hrs) being delivered by the North East Training Team (Team 1).

Essex Scouts - Training Courses

On-line Theory + One Zoom Session - using Hampshire Scouts ‘Blended’ approach.

To complete the ‘Blended’ module, go to Hampshire Scouts site and register (first time only) on their Learning Site. This just requires an e-mail address and to set a password.

Hampshire Scouts - click on ‘Enroll for free’

You can then complete the 2.5 to 3 hours online course at your own pace, leaving it and returning to it as and when convenient. (You may need to sign in again each time). Once you have completed the learning you get the chance to add your details to a simple form which notifies us that you’ve completed it.

We will then set up a series of Zoom sessions (another 2.5 to 3 hours) and you can sign up to whichever of them is most convenient for you.

Practical Assessments

As above, practical assessments will be available once England moves to ‘Green’ status and possibly sooner under ‘Amber’.

Scout School has been booked for September 4th / 5th at Chelmsford purely to conduct Practical First Aid Assessments (Module 10B).

It may be possible to offer ‘local’ assessments sooner than this, depending on need.

Note that those following the “two session” theory route may need a slightly longer Practical Assessment than the other routes, to cover parts left out of the Theory training.

On completion of Both Module 10A and Module 10B, you will have a First Response certificate, valid for 3 years from the date of Module 10B.

Openings for Adult Volunteers

Spare an hr or more a month. Have a willingness to share and encourage others to reach their full potential.

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